Paint tin candles offering up a bit of car garage, leather jacket, rock n roll vibes from Hell's Kitchen by the Fury Bros.


Sountrack : Jeremy & the Harlequins, We are the Fury.


Betty: Velvety red rose sensually intertwines with the clean subtlety of white tea. Think floral, not sweet. Cry baby... cry. Red Rose and White Tea - One pint soy wax candle blended with natural oils.


Harlequin: The green fairy comes to life! Lush and mysterious, deep anise notes waltz elegantly with a mellowing black cedar bouquet. The perfect accompaniment to a moonlit night. Absinthe and Black Cedar


Nite Owl : Imagine a cool, spring night. Your wide open bedroom window draws in the faint waft of musk and the fresh aroma of a neighboring lavender farm. Lavender, Vetiver, and White Musk


Made in America.

All natural. Vegan friendly.

12.5 oz with an 80hr burn.

FURY BROS. candle