Our Story

It all started with a dreamy trip to the desert, open roads and clouds floating by. 

It started somewhere between the mountains and the sky....




and I began The Porcelain Leopard late 2019 as a space to showcase my own woven and textile wall hangings. 

But an inspired trip to New Mexico kept lingering on my mind.  I has fallen deeply in love with the desert, mountains and all the awe of the Southwest landscape, including all the people and the history.  It was a world far different from the grey winters and green summers of Southwestern Ontario.  My heart truly sung for the first time.


And so The Porcelain Leopard changed into a shop that wanted to bring something a bit different to you. 

A space that would inspire and calm at the same time.

A place in between the mountains and the sky, between the desert and the rivers. 

This is an inclusive space that welcomes all, celebrates all, and supports other like-minded small businesses and brands.  It is woman-owned and still sends out hand written packages.  This is a tiny, tiny business where your purchase ALWAYS matters.


Respecting people and the planet whenever we can

Many of our items are made by fair trade co-ops, empowering artisans and sharing the same values as us.  Some of them are handcrafted, and some are made by machines.  Some are screen-printed by small businesses and some are designed by other entrepreneurs who have big dreams.

Located in London, Ontario we source items from all over and ship them to you.

Southwest planters


Big dreams require small steps

We've all had a dream that seemed a little too big for the moment, or maybe a global pandemic got in the way?  We believe that small business can and will prevail, and in order to lower costs and "keep the lights on" we offer certain items as a pre-order.  Sure, you might have to wait up-to 14 days for your order to ship but it means you won't be disappointed by something selling out, or having a size unavailable.  We also carry many goods ready to ship and offer next day shipping!

Read our FAQ to learn more.